2016-2017 Truro Children’s Community Garden Highlights

When: Wednesdays at 4 p.m. (off season); Thursdays at 3 p.m. July-August Where: Back deck of the Truro Public Library Description: Maggie began the children’s garden in 2010 with Executive Director of Sustainable Cape, Francie Randolph. Randolph receives… Read More

June 19, 2014

Today’s air temperature measured 75° and the soil measured 65° in the shade and 80° in the sun. After harvesting more strawberries and eating some for energy, two teams of children, The Green Bean Group and the Kale… Read More

Sweet Surprises and Transplanting–June 12, 2014

Nico took note of a 61 ° windy and cloudy day with a soil temperature of 63 °. We started with a SWEET SURPRISE – lots of ripe strawberries for the picking and eating! Next was time to… Read More

Play and Learn–May 8, 2014

On an overcast 57° day we took a look at the sprouting radishes and kale plants while Drake and Francie explained the importance of thinning, so that the healthiest plants can survive. We planted Danvers Carrot seeds in… Read More

Year of the Worm–May 1, 2014

Wet but not raining and 52°… a good time to talk about worms! They like to dig deep when the soil is still a little cold, so we couldn’t find any today. We checked on the snow peas… Read More

Beginning–April 17, 2014

Many new beginnings today: new dirt, new teacher, new seeds! Paige measured the air temperature at 39° and the soil temperature at 50°. Thanks so much to Greg Morris from Cape Cod Excavating for delivering a truck load… Read More

Cock-a-Doodle-Doo!–December 4, 2013

Lots more rooster painting for our: Art Opening & Celebration – Crow and Grow – Paintings of Roosters Created by the Children’s Community Garden Group Sustainable CAPE’s Children’s Community Garden behind the library teaches children about growing fruits… Read More

Painting Roosters–November 20, 2013

Using images of male chickens, called roosters, from Storey’s Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds by Carol Ekarius, each child chose one to draw and paint with watercolors. The roosters picked were: a Bantam Brown Red Cochin, a White-Faced… Read More

Getting Ready for Winter–November 13, 2013

Brrrr, 38°, windy and overcast today. The kids warmed up quickly though as they worked to get the garden ready for winter. After waiting patiently for many many days, Paige could finally pull up the giant carrot and… Read More

If I were a farmer I would–October 30, 2013

Today we met inside while outside the air felt wet and the temperature was 49°. Anna asked everyone to imagine what a farm might look like if they were the farmers. Each child wrote and illustrated the following… Read More

Holey Kale Mystery Solved–October 23, 2013

A rainy 51° today and the kale leaves looked a little holey. After some investigation the kids found a bunch of green caterpillars hiding on the under side of the leaves. Carefully picking them off, we placed the… Read More

Tea Leaves and Detailed Drawing–October 16, 2013

Since it was a misty 58° everyone helped pick chocolate mint leaves, stevia leaves and some basil flowers from the garden to make some yummy tea inside. Each child combined the herbs on a coffee filter and then… Read More

Herbs can Help the Way you Feel–October 9, 2013

We started with a cloudy, warm 63°. From Sustainable CAPE’s Facebook page: “Whoa. This week’s gardening class was extra, extra awesome. First, we played a fast moving game of fruit tag, which is when you are “safe” if… Read More

Pulling up Carrots–October 2, 2013

Eric and Robin recorded the temperature as a sunny warm 74° and that they “played tag, sat in a chair, played with a dog, digged, went in the garden and pulled up carrots.” From Sustainable CAPE’s Facebook page:… Read More

Why We Save Seeds–September 25, 2013

A cool sunny 56° day with a special guest visitor, Irene Cooper from the Master Gardner Association of Cape Cod, speaking to us about the benefits of saving seeds: It costs less money. Preserves a favorite variety of… Read More

Separating Seeds–September 18, 2013

74° today with plenty of sun.  Anna brought in a stevia plant for the garden and kids loved tasting the leaves! Then we finished the seed saving process by straining the soaked seeds (Sungold, Red Cherry, Roma, and… Read More

Saving for the Future–September 11, 2013

From Sustainable CAPE’s Facebook page: “Did you know you can save certain kinds of seeds to grow more of your favorite crops again next season? Heirloom tomato varieties (rather than hybrids, which will grow, but into goodness knows… Read More

Truro Ag Fair–August 28, 2013

We focused on preparing for the Children’s Community Garden table at the Truro Ag Fair by making signs, drawing vegetables and harvesting all the ripe corn and lemon cucumbers. The kids also planted some young kale plants. SEE… Read More

Digging and Sorting–August 24, 2013

87°, hot, sunny and breezy today and Anna, Ella, Carolina, Isabel, Alyssa, Diana, Safiya, Madison and Gigi recorded the day’s activities: We picked and took home: potatoes, nasturtiums, beans (purple & green), basil, rosemary. We tasted: our first… Read More

Sunset and Green Juice–August 21, 2013

A hot sunny 87° day says third grader Diana and sixth grader Gayle. After watering and harvesting summer squash and lemon cucumbers, the kids helped chop vegetables and fruit for some yummy juice. Anna brought her juicer and… Read More

Measuring Sunflowers and Losing a Tooth–August 14, 2013

Today’s observers, fifth grader Madison and sixth grader Gayle, wrote down that the weather was a sunny, warm 73° with a breeze. One group tied colored yarn on 10 (out of 33) of the sunflower plants and then… Read More

Monarch Caterpillar and Vegetable Tag–August 7, 2013

Soon to be fifth grader, Madison and soon to be second grader, Azalea recorded a sunny, hot 79°. Jill found a monarch caterpillar in the carrot leaves. Each child got a close-up look and we decided to keep… Read More

Sustainable CAPE on Facebook–July 31, 2013

From Sustainable CAPE – Center for Agricultural Preservation & Education on Facebook: “We all know vegetables love sunshine and water, but did you know they need good nutrition, just like us? Today in the Children’s Garden we dug… Read More

All Kinds of Weeds–July 17, 2013

Starting today, we changed our meeting time from Thursdays to Wednesdays from 3-4pm! Amore (Anna’s dog) received lots of love on an 86°, sunny, hot and humid day. We learned all about weeds with Wendy Willard who brought… Read More

Terra and Birke–June 13, 2013

Because of the rain, we met in the library’s community room and met a turtle named Terra that Anna found on Redberry Farm where she works. She planned on releasing her the next day. The kids liked touching… Read More

Purple Bean Mystery–July 11, 2013

Our summer sessions have begun and we’ve decided to change our meeting time to Wednesdays from 3-4 pm. We welcomed back a fantastic children’s garden volunteer, Jill Mays! Today felt sticky with overcast skies and 77°. After an… Read More

Breathing Dirt and Ready Potatoes–June 20, 2013

Robin (who will soon be in fifth grade) noted a sunny warm day of 68° and Eric said that we “ate stuff” which included some yummy asparagus and lettuce along with two kinds of homemade dressing, generously donated… Read More

Terra and Birke–June 13, 2013

Because of the rain, we met in the library’s community room and met a turtle named Terra that Anna found on Redberry Farm where she works. She planned on releasing her the next day. The kids liked touching… Read More

Strawberries and Pests–June 6, 2013

The weather was cloudy and a warm 70° according to second grader, Aidric. After picking and eating lots of strawberries outside of the garden we: thinned more radishes weeded around the carrot, bean and potato plants put potato… Read More

Sick Plants and Seed Leaves–May 30, 2013

First grader, Eric, noted the weather as a hot and sunny 81°. We began by inspecting the plants in the garden and seeing who could identify what was growing in each section (the labels helped a lot!). Anna… Read More

Radish Sprouts and Kale Stalks–May 23, 2013

We followed Anna’s plan: played a game of Tag You’re Fit recapped last week: we placed the garden stones, planted seeds (which ones? anyone remember? Answer: filled in radishes & lettuce, planted carrots) walked through the garden and… Read More

Planting Mix and Mosaic Stepping Stones–May 16, 2013

Anna brought three seed trays and talked about why and how the soilless planting mix in the compartments was different from the dirt in the garden. They noticed how light and fluffy it felt as they loosened the… Read More


After playing a game of tag and posing with a giant sign to thank all our terrific supporters, first grader Olivia and second grader Nico volunteered to be the record keepers. They recorded a 62°, partly sunny/cloudy day…. Read More

Chicks and Seed Games–May 2, 2013

We had 3 visiting chicks: a Buff Orpington, named Amelia Earhart, because she likes to fly up to the hand that feeds her; a Plymouth Barred Rock, named Nadia Comaneci, because she likes to practice gymnastics on her… Read More

Painting Summer–November 8, 2012

Today we remembered summer vegetables and the garden. We looked at books and the works of various artists who have painted still life and Francie discussed their techniques. After making a list of all the food that was… Read More

Runner Beans and Yummy Kale–November 1, 2012

First grader, Dylan and fourth grader, Robin worked together and noted a 54° day. It felt cold, windy and sunny. After a session of Tag You’re Fit we picked and ate some Fall kale. We found peas blooming… Read More

Coiling Tendrils and Fall Painting–October 25, 2012

Fourth grader, Paige, noted a chilly 52° with sunny skies and not too windy. After playing tag, we tasted some things still growing in the garden and some brave children even tried the nasturtium seed pods which were… Read More

What Does Fit Mean?–October 18, 2012

Nico, a second grader, recorded the air temperature as 62° with the wind blowing, sunny skies and feeling between cold and warm. First the group talked about what the word “fit” means. There is the kind of fit… Read More

Favorite Part of Fall–October 11, 2012

Fifth grader, Megan noted a sunny, cold 60° day. The kids ran a lot playing tag and then sat down to talk over the plan for the afternoon in the garden. Each child said what they liked about… Read More

Examining Seeds and Fall Planting–September 27, 2012

Lexis, grade 5, recorded a sunny, warm day of 70° and then all the kids sat down and Anna brought out carrot, pea and kale seeds for the everyone to examine. She asked how the seeds compared in… Read More

Storing Seeds and Removing Aphids–September 20, 2012

Fifth grader, Kaden, noted a warm, sunny, 65° day. After a game of Tag You’re Fit, everyone was given a chance to look at a sundew with a magnifying glass. Homer Pinkley brought this insectivorous plant in from… Read More

Lemon Cucumber and Loads of Carrots–September 13, 2012

Madison, who just started fourth grade, recorded the air temperature as 73° and we don’t know the soil temperature because the thermometer broke. The weather felt sunny and warm. We picked loads of carrots, tomatoes and beans and… Read More

Potato and Tomato Bounty–September 6, 2012

Two fourth graders, Rhys and Robin, recorded the air and soil temperature as being 79° and the weather as windy, sunny and warm. Today we harvested Kennebec and Banana Fingerling potatoes. It was fun finding them in the… Read More

Getting Ready for the Fair–September 1, 2012

Three days before the Truro Ag Fair, we picked marigolds, nasturtiums and their leaves to make bouquets and we harvested beans, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and sage to display at the 4-H table there. We measured the sunflowers and… Read More

Small Corn and Big Signs–August 23, 2012

Kindergartener Lily and First Grader Jessica recorded the soil temperature at 75° and the air temperature at 78° and feeling warm with partly sunny skies. We picked beans, tomatoes, kale, nasturtiums and some corn. The sunflowers are too… Read More

Bowling and Choosing–August 16, 2012

Diana (grade 5) recorded a hot sunny day with the air being 87° and the soil being 84°. We practiced bowling with an orange, potato and onion on the special bowling lane that will be at the Truro… Read More

Many Hands and Bug Rocks–August 9, 2012

Fourth grader Anna and second grader Zihali noted the hot, sunny weather with the soil measuring 82° and the air measuring 87°. One group picked tomatoes, beans, carrots and zucchini and shared them with everyone. Another group measured… Read More

Bees and Gardens–August 2, 2012

Second grader Janae recorded the soil temperature as 91° and the air being 80° with a sunny sky and hot air. After harvesting a bucket full of beans and a bucket full of kale, we settled down on… Read More

Stems and Smoothies–July 26, 2012

Seventh grader Xio noted that the air temp was 73° and the soil was 70° with cloudy skies. The measuring team charted the 12 corn plants and the 12 sunflower plants and found that sunflower #1 lost 6″… Read More

Insects and Rocks–July 19, 2012

Sophia, a second grader, recorded the soil temp as 80° and the air as 78° with hot and sunny weather. Anna asked the kids which beneficial insects might help the garden and there were lots of responses: butterflies,… Read More

Cucumber Tepees and Original Works–July 12, 2012

Fourth grader, Isabel reported that it was hot and sunny with the soil being 84° and the air being 81°. Anna brought new lemon and green finger cucumbers and four sticks were tied at the top in two… Read More

Corn Height and Peas in a Pod–June 28, 2012

Brenden (grade 1) and Anthony (grade 5) recorded an 80° air temperature and a 66° soil temperature. The weather was partly sunny/cloudy and hot. Today Anna brought a Corn Growing Chart to track the 12 corn stalks. They… Read More

Celebrating–June 21, 2012

Gayle (grade 5) and Anna (grade 4) wrote that today was a hot 95° with the soil temperature at 88° with sunny skies. All 32 children celebrated the beginning of summer with popsicles, cold water and a beautiful… Read More

Farm to School Lunch–June 14, 2012

purple kale, spinach, thyme flowers and nasturtiums were brought to the school to accompany Hillside Farm chicken!    

Hilling and Measuring–June 7, 2012

Nora (fifth grade) measured the soil temp as 68° and the air as 65° with the sky being cloudy and feeling warm. After playing an intense game of tag, we walked to the front of the library with… Read More

Radishes Smell Like the Ocean–May 24, 2012

Nico from first grade noted that the weather was warm and sunny with the soil temperature being 75° and the air temperature registered at 71°. In the garden we planted potatoes with at least three eyes (facing up… Read More

Farm to School Lunch–May 24, 2012

radishes and spinach were harvested to take to the Truro Central School Farm to School Lunch Program.  

Pulling Weeds and Planting in Trays–May 10, 2012

Sixth grader, Ivy, recorded a 65° soil temperature and a 62° air temp with the weather being sunny and windy. We pulled weeds, harvested radishes and tasted them. In trays, we planted two kinds of sunflowers, zucchini, summer… Read More

Prepping and Harvesting–April 26, 2012

Today Olivia (kindergarten) and Paige (grade 2) recorded that the air temperature was 52° with clouds and a cold wind. We started Big Max and Sugar Pie Pumpkin, Watermelon and Cherry Tomato seeds in trays and the children… Read More

Felting Farm Animals–March 7, 2012

Janice Redman led the children in beginning to create a farm by focusing on needle felting wool animals. She started with explaining and demonstrating the use of an armature when making a sculpture. Pipe cleaners could be shaped… Read More

Art Opening–February 9, 2012

We celebrated with an Garden Memories Art Opening. Kelly and Racine brought snacks and everyone signed thank you cards for all the wonderful garden volunteers.   

Garden Memories–January 17 & 26, 2012

Francie led two drawing and painting workshops with children from the Truro Recreation After School Program. She talked about and showed the children different artist’s interpretations of a garden from some books such as Vincent’s Colors and then… Read More

Clearing a Pumpkin Patch–October 20, 2011

To grow a giant pumpkin for next year’s Truro Ag Fair, we decided to clear a patch behind the garden. First all the weeds needed to be pulled, piled up and then discarded. The children worked hard and… Read More

Tilling and Tamping–September 29, 2011

Today the children picked tomatoes and composted the split ones. They pulled some large carrots and each child took one home. We found some worms and Francie asked “what’s a worm a sign of?” The answer is “a… Read More

Harvesting and Planting–September 22, 2011

By rotating groups, each child could work at a task. First the remaining three sunflowers were harvested by carefully loosening the soil around the roots and then pulled out and shaken into the bed. This bed, closest to… Read More

4-H Banner Display–September 5, 2011

The 4-H table looked inviting at the Truro Agricultural Fair with the children’s wool banner hanging next to it. Special thanks to Janice Redman for leading the project and Nancy Spillane for backing the banner with sturdy canvas.

Picking Tomatoes and Eating Ice Cream–August 25, 2011

Everyone was able to pick a tomato to take home to their family. The children watered, drew pictures for the Truro Ag Fair and ate some Mad Vanilla Bean ice cream donated by Savory and Sweet Escape in… Read More

Tall Sunflowers and Cool Cucumbers–August 18, 2011

After making a plan we measured the six sunflowers. Sunflower #2 grew 19″ in the last two weeks from 72″ to 91″. Wow! We also chose the biggest cucumber to enter into the Truro Ag. Fair Harvest Contest…. Read More

Herbs and Labels–August 11, 2011

With a generous donation of a variety of herbs from Bayberry Gardens, the children were able to supplement the garden with: oregano, Thai basil, Aussie Sweetie basil, pineapple sage, thyme and rosemary. The children wrote 19 labels and… Read More

Examining Insects and Needle Felting–August 4, 2011

32 children came to work in the garden, look for insects and help Janice Redman complete the 4-H Banner with needle felting.  We were searching for beneficial bugs and found some spiders, inchworms, bees and butterflies. Some were… Read More

What We Like and Tomato Snacks–July 28, 2011

Today the children were asked what they like or don’t like about the garden. Here are some replies: Nicholas – “I like how the sunflower is 67″ tall.” Christian – “I love eating green beans.” Diana – “Collecting… Read More

Thinning Baby Carrots and Succession Planting–July 21, 2011

All the kids from the group of 16 who didn’t have an opportunity to draw some beneficial insects the week before had a chance to try. The other kids worked in the garden measuring sunflowers, succession planting red… Read More

Beneficial Insects–July 14, 2011

Jack led a beneficial insect session inspired by the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension’s Beneficial Insects in the Garden and the book The Organic Gardener’s Handbook of Natural Insect and Disease Control : A Complete Problem-Solving Guide to Keeping… Read More

Painting and Barnstable County Fair–July 7, 2011

All 33 children interpreted the garden in varying ways using watercolors, brushes, water and watercolor paper. These paintings  were then sent to Judy Vollmer at the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension to display at the Barnstable County Fair. choose… Read More

Weeds and Goody Bags–June 30, 2011

More harvesting of peas and more weeding of all the beds continued today. Paper bags were provided for the kids to make goody bags of vegetables to take home. Lots of daisies growing next to the garden were… Read More

Lettuce Bouquets and Preparing a Bed–June 16, 2011

Three groups took turns harvesting peas and lettuce, weeding and preparing the third bed for tomato plants and rinsing the lettuce. Some kids prepared lettuce bouquets to bring to the school for an end of year salad and… Read More

Needle and Wet Felting–June 15, 2011

Janice Redman helped the garden group finish up their felted work. Those who had completed wet felting their garden pieces were able to finish up by needle felting with extra wool on foam pads. And those who needed… Read More

Potato Eyes and Hoop House–June 9, 2011

Today Anna brought in potatoes with lots of eyes for the kids to look at and plant. Everyone helped remove the plastic covering from the hoop house so the sunflowers have room to grow tall. The potato eyes… Read More

Strawberries and Wet Felting–June 8, 2011

After picking and tasting some ripe strawberries next to the library, the kids ate a snack and then played a game of tag. We had everyone’s wool gardens set up on tables outside with with a rectangle of… Read More

Marigolds and Morning Glories–June 2, 2011

We divided up into three groups. Group one planted marigolds (brought by Anna) with Lou, group two helped Anna plant morning glories around the outside of the garden and group three observed what they noticed in the garden… Read More

Marigolds and Morning Glories–June 2, 2011

We divided up into three groups. Group one planted marigolds (brought by Anna) with Lou, group two helped Anna plant morning glories around the outside of the garden and group three observed what they noticed in the garden… Read More

Toad and Worms–June 1, 2011

First we found Larry Bob the garden frog/toad in the grass and brought him over to the garden to eat the bugs. Next we played a game of Museum tag and then Steph read The Diary of a… Read More

Planting Tomatoes and Observing–May 26, 2011

Nine children came over with Larkin and Jen to help plant eight tomato plants deep (after removing the two bottom leaves) among the lettuce. Everyone observed one aspect of the garden and noted the temperature and weather for… Read More

Nauset Indian Survival Skills–May 25, 2011

Ranger Mitch from the Cape Cod National Seashore presented a Nauset Indian Survival Skills program for us. We learned about wetu and longhouse shelters and looked at an early map of where farms were located. We talked about what… Read More

Carrot and Radish Seeds–May 19, 2011

We welcomed Lou, a new volunteer and Judy is back from last year. Yea volunteers! The kids transplanted the nasturtiums from the paper pots by removing the bottoms and planting them at the ends of two beds. Each… Read More

Felting Garden Plots–May 18, 2011

Truro artist Janice Redman led participants in beginning to create their own individual felted pieces to later combine into a banner for the Truro Ag Fair. Each child began their garden plots with brown or green raw wool… Read More

Volunteer Plants and People – May 12, 2011

We welcomed Polly, a new volunteer and Jack is back from last year. Francie and Anna brought over 7 children from the after school program at Truro Rec. More tomato seedlings were transplanted into larger pots and the… Read More

Tomatoes and Greens – May 11, 2011

Today the children planted basil seeds in their paper pots to take home as well as in larger pots to leave here inside the library for later planting in the garden. Everyone took a turn transplanting Sweet 100… Read More

Tag You’re Fit and Paper Pots – May 4, 2011

After a game of Tag You’re Fit, Francie gathered everyone into a circle for a snack and a plan. Stephanie brought Dave’s paper pot maker to teach us how to make recycled pots using newspaper with an oak… Read More

Horseshoe Crabs and Ladybugs – April 27, 2011

We explored the external and internal anatomy of a horseshoe crab using a gigantic model and had a chance to touch and hold a live horseshoe crab with Nina from the Mass Audubon’s Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. Horseshoe… Read More

Spinach and Peas – April 7, 2011

Francie, Dave, Stephanie and Anna brought over about 9 kids from after-school recreation to help plant peas in the garden and harvest spinach from the greenhouse. Stephanie taught the kids about pinching and twisting the spinach stem near… Read More