Bowling and Choosing–August 16, 2012

Diana (grade 5) recorded a hot sunny day with the air being 87° and the soil being 84°.

We practiced bowling with an orange, potato and onion on the special bowling lane that will be at the Truro Ag Fair on Sunday September 2, 2012. Francie talked about the Ag Fair and how each child who helped to grow the garden will get a ribbon there. We also chose the sunflowers that we’d like to enter into the contest at the Fair.

One group measured the sunflowers and corn. Sunflower #6 is now 119″ and #3 is 39″. Corn stalk #10 is 51″ and #4 is 33″. Another group harvested tomatoes, carrots, nasturtiums and beans. These were washed with the hose and chopped up for everyone to share. One group searched for and removed caterpillars (they went into the compost) that are eating holes in the kale. Some of them were hiding in the folds of the leaves.

Quote of the day: “The orange is the best bowling ball!”

  • harvest tomatoes, carrots, nasturtiums and beans
  • find and remove caterpillars under kale leaves
  • measure corn and sunflowers