Use my PIN

Use or Create a PIN

Open your Internet browser and in the URL/Address bar type in Or, try an internet search for “CLAMS” and select “Cape Libraries Automated Materials Sharing.” Once on the CLAMS Web site click on “My Account” across the top of the page which will bring you to the log-in page. Your Username is your library card number: enter the number with no spaces. Your PIN is the four numbers or letters the library gave you when you signed up for your card. It may be the last four numbers of your library card or it may be a PIN of your choosing. If you were not given/assigned a PIN then follow the instructions on the log-in page to create a pin. Once logged in to your account, you may create a username and will no longer need your library card number to log in.

Reset My PIN
The library does not have access to your PIN number. If you have forgotten your PIN, call or visit the library to have it reset. If you supplied an email when signing up for your library card, you may reset the PIN online. Follow the instructions found on the log-in page to reset your PIN.