Pulling up Carrots–October 2, 2013

Eric and Robin recorded the temperature as a sunny warm 74° and that they “played tag, sat in a chair, played with a dog, digged, went in the garden and pulled up carrots.”

From Sustainable CAPE’s Facebook page:

“Today we had a most excellent treat…warm summer-like weather AND cool, crispy carrots! Carrots are heavy feeders (meaning they need nutrient rich soil) and like cool earth and lots of water to grow fast- and it looks like our farmers-in-training have that down! It took some huffing and puffing, but we each pulled up a big, bright orange carrot. We also learned about the ins and outs of transplanting as we transferred new kale into the garden and feeding our plans with organic Plant Tone to keep our soil alive and healthy. We think October was made for gardening!”