Herbs can Help the Way you Feel–October 9, 2013

We started with a cloudy, warm 63°.

From Sustainable CAPE’s Facebook page:

“Whoa. This week’s gardening class was extra, extra awesome. First, we played a fast moving game of fruit tag, which is when you are “safe” if you call out the name of a fruit before the It person tags you. I heard pineapple, persimmon and granny smith thrown in there!

Then, we had a visit from Helen Grimm, nurse at Truro Elementary School and herbalist. Mrs. Grimm taught us how plants, herbs, and other things we can grow can help us if we don’t feel well. We sniffed peppermint to wake up and ease an upset stomach, lavender to feel soothed, rosemary (which has antimicrobial properties…cool!) and looked in our garden for more herbs with medicinal powers. We learned so much!

Then, Anna brought out her juicer and we experimented with different fruits and vegetables like kale, beets, oranges, apples, cucumbers, and carrots. We literally drank the rainbow, which we learned from the food color wheel means we were getting a mega dose of fresh, cancer fighting, free radical busting, energy making goodness.”

Favorite quote of the day?
“If you think, admit it, an apple (a day) could ruin a doctor’s business plan” Jacob, age 8