Storing Seeds and Removing Aphids–September 20, 2012

Fifth grader, Kaden, noted a warm, sunny, 65° day. After a game of Tag You’re Fit, everyone was given a chance to look at a sundew with a magnifying glass. Homer Pinkley brought this insectivorous plant in from a cranberry bog (and later returned it) and some kids actually saw some insects in the tentacles.

Anna cut down 4 sunflower heads and the kids freed the seeds by scraping them with their fingers. We tasted some and stored the rest in a brown paper bag for next year’s planting.

In the garden, someone noticed small, almost clear bugs all over the kale leaves. Anna said these were aphids and all the leaves would need to be removed. As she cut the stalks back, everyone helped carry the leaves to the compost. Next, all the beans from the bean plants were saved and the rest of the plants were pulled up and put into the compost too.

We ate lemon cucumbers, planted pea seed in rows beside the trimmed kale and watered the whole garden.

  • eat sunflower seeds and save a few handfuls for planting next year
  • cut back any infested leaves and place in compost
  • harvest beans, save the seeds and place remaining plants in compost
  • plant peas
  • water