Examining Seeds and Fall Planting–September 27, 2012

Lexis, grade 5, recorded a sunny, warm day of 70° and then all the kids sat down and Anna brought out carrot, pea and kale seeds for the everyone to examine. She asked how the seeds compared in size and shape, how do they feel?

Next, tomatoes and carrots were harvested and then three areas were cleared of all weeds and the dirt was loosened to ready them for beet, lettuce and more carrot seeds. Hopefully we’ll  be able to harvest all those vegetables later in the fall!

We washed the carrots and tomatoes and ate them. We also took three breaks to play tag.

  • compare and contrast carrot, pea and kale seeds
  • pick ripe carrots and tomatoes, wash and eat
  • prepare areas by pulling all weeds and loosening soil
  • plant beet, lettuce and carrot seeds
  • water