Favorite Part of Fall–October 11, 2012

Fifth grader, Megan noted a sunny, cold 60° day. The kids ran a lot playing tag and then sat down to talk over the plan for the afternoon in the garden. Each child said what they liked about Fall and Anna described how she likes this season because she slowly begins to put her garden to sleep which allows the insects and worms to work in the soil throughout the winter.

We pulled the remaining five sunflower stalks, making sure to get off as much dirt as possible from the root ball by shaking it and hitting it with a trowel. The stalks were then placed on the pumpkin patch mound and can hopefully be used next year as pea trellises.

One group worked on picking the tomatoes (many green) to take to the Truro Central School. Then the tomato vines and stems were pulled up and brought to the compost. This bed was cleared of all weeds and the soil loosened for planting spinach next week. The last two lemon cucumbers and lots of nasturtiums were also picked and eaten or taken home.

  • Clear remaining stalks and stems saving any that may be used as supports
  • Keep as much soil in the garden as possible
  • Harvest and bring to local school
  • Clear beds for cold season plants
  • Compost