What Does Fit Mean?–October 18, 2012

Nico, a second grader, recorded the air temperature as 62° with the wind blowing, sunny skies and feeling between cold and warm.

First the group talked about what the word “fit” means. There is the kind of fit someone might do when they yell and fall down or there’s the fit that clothes might do on somebody. Then there’s the fit that someone might be if they eat lots of fruits and vegetables or play a game like Tag, You’re Fit.

Next the kids observed fall changes in and around the garden and made some sketches that may be used to create paintings. Each child presented their findings: “red leaves, death, cold, kale, no sunflowers, no tomatoes, peas, no bugs around much, oregano.”

We moved the peas to the center bed and planted spinach in the first and third beds.

  • group peas together in one bed
  • plant spinach in cleared beds
  • water lightly