Coiling Tendrils and Fall Painting–October 25, 2012

Fourth grader, Paige, noted a chilly 52° with sunny skies and not too windy. After playing tag, we tasted some things still growing in the garden and some brave children even tried the nasturtium seed pods which were especially spicy hot. Then we cleared the leaves from the beds because Anna explained that they can cause the soil to become too acidic. We checked the kale for aphids and found only a few on one leaf. Some kids tried seeing if the pea tendrils would coil around their fingers (it was hard to wait that long).

Then we  thought about what we might paint with watercolors from our Fall garden. Most children used an easel to hold their paper.  Some children focused on the spinach beginning to grow and some painted carrots  and pumpkins while one person chose to focus on the Fall colors in the garden.

  • play Tag You’re Fit
  • taste herbs and nasturtium seed pods
  • clear beds of all leaves and sticks
  • look closely at coiling pea tendrils
  • decide what to paint from the Fall garden
  • paint with watercolors