Beginning–April 17, 2014

Many new beginnings today: new dirt, new teacher, new seeds! Paige measured the air temperature at 39° and the soil temperature at 50°.

Thanks so much to Greg Morris from Cape Cod Excavating for delivering a truck load of compost for the garden!

We welcomed our new Agricultural Expert & Co-Coordinator, Drake from Pure Joy Farm today. While we miss Anna and Amora, we look forward to learning from Drake and getting to know her and Diesel the dog.

We noticed some kale plants had made it through the winter (and they weren’t even under the greenhouse tent). After pulling any left over weeds from last year, Jill coordinated a well-organized system for each child to bring in a shovelful of compost to the garden beds without bumping into each other. They liked aerating the soil with their hands and rakes.

Next Drake measured each child’s pinky to make sure they knew where a half inch was (usually right at the top line). Then some kids planted Oregon Giant Snow Peas from the Truro Public Library’s Seed Library a half inch deep and a hand width apart. They’re located right next to the fence and will be in the shade in a few weeks. Jill planted some kale seedlings and Drake added some spinach seeds too.

  • Weed beds and spread compost evenly and aerate gently
  • Plant snow peas a half inch deep and a hand width apart in shady area
  • Plant kale and spinach in a sunnier area
  • Gently water seeds and seedlings