Year of the Worm–May 1, 2014

Wet but not raining and 52°… a good time to talk about worms! They like to dig deep when the soil is still a little cold, so we couldn’t find any today.

We checked on the snow peas that were just beginning to sprout. We noticed some of the kale seedlings had been affected by the cold. Then Drake and Jill handed out seeds for more planting. Three children sowed White Icicle Radish (from Dave’s Greens) and French Breakfast Radish seeds in rows in the first bed while three other children planted a border of Mixed Kale seeds at the opposite end. The Truro Seed Library is providing some nice varieties!

Then we headed inside to discuss the benefits of worms and to start drawing some. We looked at a few fun worm books: Worms by Valerie Bodden, Green Kid’s Guide to Organic Fertilizers by Richard Lay and of course Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin to get ideas. For example, worms make compost that helps the soil in the garden and worms eat organic things (leaves) in the dirt and then poop. There’s lots more to learn about worms in the coming months!

  • discuss benefits of worms
  • measure peas
  • plant kale seeds one finger length apart as a border 1/2″ deep
  • make six rows 1/2″ deep and sprinkle in radish seeds
  • cover seeds lightly with soil and water