All Kinds of Weeds–July 17, 2013

Starting today, we changed our meeting time from Thursdays to Wednesdays from 3-4pm!

Amore (Anna’s dog) received lots of love on an 86°, sunny, hot and humid day. We learned all about weeds with Wendy Willard who brought many tools that she sometimes uses to remove stubborn weeds which included: trowels, weeding forks, bulb planters, “stubborn weed remover” (like a screw driver with a kink in it), scissors, clippers, a small brown bucket and one gardening glove for each child to use. Wendy also works at pruning the library grounds and she brought her pruning saw.

Next we headed over to some blueberry bushes near the garden that aren’t producing as many blueberries this year because of all the weeds around them. The children learned how to pull a weed that they may want to save, such as the many small oak plants that many of them took home. Wendy explained the difference between a tap root (looks almost like a carrot) and a fibrous root (looks hairy).

Lastly, we carried trash bags, rakes, hoes and rocks to the front of the library where there was a big patch of grass coming through the mulch. Wendy asked the kids what might happen to the grass if it was covered with the black plastic bags and they predicted that the grass would melt and die. We’ll find out next week.

Thank you Wendy!