Radishes Smell Like the Ocean–May 24, 2012

Nico from first grade noted that the weather was warm and sunny with the soil temperature being 75° and the air temperature registered at 71°. In the garden we planted potatoes with at least three eyes (facing up in the hole) and beans. Just outside the garden fence a group worked with Jack planting the sunflower seedlings in a row and Anna doled out watermelon and pumpkin seeds to plant in a big patch of beautiful soil that she had dropped off earlier. We also harvested radishes, weeded and watered.

Quote of the day: “This radish smells like the ocean.”

  • plant potatoes with the eyes on top
  • plant sunflower seedlings with hollowed out soil around it
  • plant watermelon and pumpkin seeds on a mound about 5″ apart
  • harvest, rinse and taste radishes
  • weed and water