Getting Ready for the Fair–September 1, 2012

Three days before the Truro Ag Fair, we picked marigolds, nasturtiums and their leaves to make bouquets and we harvested beans, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and sage to display at the 4-H table there. We measured the sunflowers and chose the four tallest ones to enter into the “tallest sunflower” contest. Our helpful volunteers, Jill, Lou, Jack and Polly assisted in preparing for the big day. Later Jack brought a hedge trimmer to cut the stalks close to the soil.

  • select flowers and leaves to make bouquets
  • harvest potatoes and allow to air dry
  • harvest ripe beans, carrots, tomatoes and sage
  • measure and record final sunflower heights
  • cut sunflowers at base of stem
  • Remove root balls, shake off dirt and add to compost