Measuring Sunflowers and Losing a Tooth–August 14, 2013

Today’s observers, fifth grader Madison and sixth grader Gayle, wrote down that the weather was a sunny, warm 73° with a breeze.

One group tied colored yarn on 10 (out of 33) of the sunflower plants and then measured how tall they’ve grown: yellow – 46″, light blue – 45″, green – 47″, baby blue – 45″, light pink – 42″, red – 48″, orange – 48″, lavender – 40″, beige – “34” and fuchsia – 46″.

The other group watered the thirsty plants, making many trips to refill their watering cans.

Then it was time to harvest and eat basil, mint, lemon cucumbers, purple beans, green beans and lots of lettuce. Liam even lost a front tooth while biting into a cucumber!