Monarch Caterpillar and Vegetable Tag–August 7, 2013

Soon to be fifth grader, Madison and soon to be second grader, Azalea recorded a sunny, hot 79°.

Jill found a monarch caterpillar in the carrot leaves. Each child got a close-up look and we decided to keep him/her in a jar with lots of Queen Anne’s Lace (Daucus carota) in the children’s room of the library as a garden pet, until a butterfly emerges.

We picked and ate lemon cucumbers, squash, lettuce, beans and basil – what a feast! We learned it’s difficult to weed around the squash since they have lots of prickers and we watered all the plants.

Today Anna and the kids played a new game of tag, called Vegetable Tag (similar to T.V. Tag) and everyone came up with the lots of vegetable names so they wouldn’t be out!