Hilling and Measuring–June 7, 2012

Nora (fifth grade) measured the soil temp as 68° and the air as 65° with the sky being cloudy and feeling warm. After playing an intense game of tag, we walked to the front of the library with Wendy Willard who had asked if any of the kids wanted to dig up some baby pine trees and take them home. There were many takers.

In the garden we pulled more weeds and the radishes that were going to seed. The kids hilled up soil around the potato plants and planted the corn that was outgrowing the tray. Anna brought a Sunflower Growing Chart to measure the 12 sunflowers and each plant was measured. So far it looks like the tallest ones are: #2 at 11″, #6 at 10″ and #10 at 9.4″. A lot of watering was done as well.

  • pull weeds and any plants going to seed
  • hill potato plants
  • plant corn next to beans and potatoes
  • measure sunflowers
  • water