Sweet Surprises and Transplanting–June 12, 2014

Nico took note of a 61 ° windy and cloudy day with a soil temperature of 63 °. We started with a SWEET SURPRISE – lots of ripe strawberries for the picking and eating! Next was time to harvest all the white and red radishes to take home in goody bags.

Jill brought some jellybean tomato plants that she grew from saved seeds from last year’s harvest. She asked her group to measure a trowel width apart before digging holes to transplant a few tomato and pepper plants.  The kids remembered from Stephanie at the Truro Central School garden to pinch the stem near its base and gently pull it out of the pot. Then they said to make pants with the roots of the plant before placing it in the ground. Drake’s group did something similar in the south bed with 10 cucumber plants.

The kids dug deep in the north bed and sprouted potatoes were placed along the sides before filling in the dirt. Also some rows of mesclun seeds were planted. Pumpkin seeds went into seed trays for this year’s pumpkin patch! Robin photographed some nice watering moments too.

  • Harvest ripe fruits and vegetables
  • Transplant tomato, pepper and cucumber plants a trowel width apart
  • Pinch plants near soil to pull out of the pot and separate roots in two
  • Place sprouted potatoes in the side of a trench and fill in with soil
  • Plant mesclun in shallow rows in shady spot
  • Plant pumpkin seeds in seed trays
  • Water