Play and Learn–May 8, 2014

On an overcast 57° day we took a look at the sprouting radishes and kale plants while Drake and Francie explained the importance of thinning, so that the healthiest plants can survive. We planted Danvers Carrot seeds in rows and Muir Lettuce seeds near the kale so that the shade from the kale will help protect the lettuce leaves in the hot summer sun. Then we placed some netting that Jill brought over the plants to protect them from being eaten.

We played the bean game with different utensils to help learn about natural selection. The idea of the game is that each kid gets a utensil, a knife, fork, or spoon and then must try to pick up as many beans off the ground as they can in 30 seconds. We played several times so the kids could try each type of utensil to see the difference. What happened? Which utensils made it easier or harder to pick up the beans? We found that even though the knife looked cool, it was very hard to move a bean from one place to another. Results of one round: spoon – 22, fork – 8, knife – 0. So our natural choice is to SELECT THE SPOON for this task. We used Scarlet Runner Beans and Pencil Pod Black Wax Beans from the seed library for this game.

We ended with lots of watering and a rousing game of Tag, You’re Fit!

  • Thin around new sprouts
  • Plant lettuce seeds near kale plants
  • Place netting over new sprouts
  • Play bean game
  • Water the entire garden
  • Play Tag, You’re Fit