June 19, 2014

Today’s air temperature measured 75° and the soil measured 65° in the shade and 80° in the sun. After harvesting more strawberries and eating some for energy, two teams of children, The Green Bean Group and the Kale Group, moved to different areas in the garden.

Jill lead the Green Beans in harvesting baby kale which helped make room for the other kale plants to grow, because plants need sunlight, water and SPACE to flourish. She then took her group to the northwest part of the garden and the children to choose a shape that they’d like to plant their radishes. Maya and Xanti designed triangles and Anya decided on a circle. Jill reminded them to “zip it up” when they were done planting their radish seeds.

Drake instructed the Kale Group in how to remove some leaves from the bottom of the tomato plants so that none would be touching the ground. Those leaves could be prone to fungus diseases because they receive the least amount of sun and air circulation. They also learned about tomato plant suckers that grow in the notch between the stem and a branch. They are the second leaves and they can become wet and most of them were removed.

Next, it was time to thin the beets and carrots to 2 finger widths apart and talk about plants that are deep green or red being super foods and keep people healthy. After nibbling some mint we also found out it GIVES YOU EXTRA ENERGY!