Breathing Dirt and Ready Potatoes–June 20, 2013

Robin (who will soon be in fifth grade) noted a sunny warm day of 68° and Eric said that we “ate stuff” which included some yummy asparagus and lettuce along with two kinds of homemade dressing, generously donated by Anna and Redberry Farm.

Francie spoke about the benefits of working with soil (it can even make you smarter and happier!) according to research by Mathews & Jenks (2013). In the garden Anna asked the kids how people know it is time to dig up potatoes and after some discussion Paige explained that when the plant has done all of its growing the leaves on top will wilt and die and the potatoes underground would be ready.

Next everyone harvested lots of radishes and then dug holes and transplanted tomato and cucumber plants from the greenhouse. Lots of radishes were taken home to eat.

  • eat donated vegetables
  • discuss benefits of soil to human beings
  • discuss how to  know when various plants are ready to harvest
  • look for harmful insects on the plants and weed
  • harvest & take home radishes
  • transplant tomato and cucumber plants