Potato and Tomato Bounty–September 6, 2012

Two fourth graders, Rhys and Robin, recorded the air and soil temperature as being 79° and the weather as windy, sunny and warm.

Today we harvested Kennebec and Banana Fingerling potatoes. It was fun finding them in the dirt and there were so many! We washed them until they were pretty. We also harvested three big Red Heirloom tomatoes and lots of Cherry Roma tomatoes. We pulled up the spent corn stalks (the tallest was 51″) and bundled them together to display at the Truro Ag Fair along with the rest of the bounty. The three tallest sunflowers went to the fair too.

  • Dig gently into the potato hills to find potatoes
  • Harvest all ripe tomatoes
  • Pull spent corn stalks and compost