Radish Sprouts and Kale Stalks–May 23, 2013

We followed Anna’s plan:

  • played a game of Tag You’re Fit
  • recapped last week: we placed the garden stones, planted seeds (which ones? anyone remember? Answer: filled in radishes & lettuce, planted carrots)
  • walked through the garden and looked at progress. Beans are up now, as well as potatoes, radishes, lettuce and peas.
  • Francie showed how to thin the radishes carefully! Choosing the smaller plants and making room for the bigger ones.
  • everyone tried the radish sprouts (a tiny bit spicy) after picking them and rinsing them in two buckets of water and draining.
  • pulled the rotting kale stalks and cleared out the rest of the center bed.
  • found an Oak tree seedling in the center bed. Probably buried by a squirrel who forgot where it was stashed.
  • watered carefully, no puddles!

The seedling trays are coming along nicely in Anna’s greenhouse. A few things should be ready to go in in the next few weeks!

We took pictures to thank our supporters:

Bayberry Gardens; Cape Air; Cape Cod 5;

Seamen’s Bank; Truro Non-Resident Taxpayers Association