Stems and Smoothies–July 26, 2012

Seventh grader Xio noted that the air temp was 73° and the soil was 70° with cloudy skies. The measuring team charted the 12 corn plants and the 12 sunflower plants and found that sunflower #1 lost 6″ because of the bend in its stem!

Some kids tasted the nasturtiums. We harvested kale and carrots to add to our treat for the day.

Jill Mays, who has been assisting with the garden for two years, brought in her Blendtec blender along with frozen Truro blueberries, bananas, ice, cherry juice, orange juice and cups. Each child helped add the ingredients to make a yummy drink.

Quote of the day: “Can a plant grow shorter?”

  • harvest carrots and kale
  • measure corn and sunflowers
  • assist in blending ingredients for a smoothie