Tall Sunflowers and Cool Cucumbers–August 18, 2011

After making a plan we measured the six sunflowers. Sunflower #2 grew 19″ in the last two weeks from 72″ to 91″. Wow! We also chose the biggest cucumber to enter into the Truro Ag. Fair Harvest Contest. We picked more ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, three yellow carrots along with some basil, thyme and sage to add yummy flavors. We used cucumber skins on our faces and two of the kids relaxed with cucumber slices. Observation pages focused on the biggest cucumber and picking a carrot, and water was added to the compost.

  • measure and record sunflower height
  • choose vegetables for the Truro Ag. Fair Harvest Contest
  • harvest cucumbers, tomatoes and herbs
  • experiment with cucumbers to cool skin
  • fill out observation page
  • water compost