Cucumber Tepees and Original Works–July 12, 2012

Fourth grader, Isabel reported that it was hot and sunny with the soil being 84° and the air being 81°. Anna brought new lemon and green finger cucumbers and four sticks were tied at the top in two tepee forms for them to climb up. Each child smelled and tasted herbs (rosemary, oregano and thyme) and helped weeding and watering. The kids found the pumpkins and watermelons which are now the size of grapefruits.

After observing the different stages the plants were in, Francie talked with the kids about their favorite aspects of the garden. Then she encouraged them to draw original works of their ideas and some painted with watercolors.

Sunflower # 6 has grown to 57″ and #3 is 21″ now. The corn is growing pretty evenly with #10 at 21.5″ and #8 at 11.5″.

  • measure, water and weed
  • lash 4 sticks together for 4 cucumber plants to climb
  • plant cucumbers near the bottom of each stick
  • smell and taste herbs
  • observe and discuss what aspects of the garden could be rendered
  • supply watercolor paper taped to cardboard, colored pencils, watercolor paint, brushes and cups of water