Corn Height and Peas in a Pod–June 28, 2012

Brenden (grade 1) and Anthony (grade 5) recorded an 80° air temperature and a 66° soil temperature. The weather was partly sunny/cloudy and hot. Today Anna brought a Corn Growing Chart to track the 12 corn stalks. They were all pretty similar in height with #3 being 14″ and #s 6 and 11 being 9.75″. The sunflowers are really growing high with #9 at 30″ being the tallest so far.

Next the carrots were thinned and the spinach, carrots, kale and nasturtiums were harvested for tasting and for taking home in goody bags. Everyone weeded and watered and two potato bugs were found on a potato leaf. Three new tomato plants were planted with trenches around them for the water.

Then the kids sat in a circle in the shade and they could pick a pea pod from a bucket and count how many peas were in their pod. Each pod had between 5-9 peas. Then everyone got the chance to taste the harvest with people making the connection between the kale they grew and Portuguese Kale Soup which they love!

Quote of the day: “Hey, there’s a butterfly!”

  • measure and record sunflower and corn heights
  • weed and water
  • plant more tomato plants and trench around them
  • hill the potato plants with more soil if necessary
  • thin carrots
  • harvest and taste kale, spinach, carrots and nasturtiums
  • each child takes some vegetables home