Tilling and Tamping–September 29, 2011

Today the children picked tomatoes and composted the split ones. They pulled some large carrots and each child took one home. We found some worms and Francie asked “what’s a worm a sign of?” The answer is “a healthy garden.” Old corn stalks were pulled and composted. A root ball was dug around the marigold plant which was transplanted at the end of the second bed and the west end soil was tilled and evened out so no pooling could occur. Because of its tolerance for cool soil, more spinach was planted there with 9 or 10 seeds per foot and a 1/2″ deep. The soil was tamped down, but not too hard and lightly watered. Carrots and tomatoes were delivered to the Truro Central School.

  • harvest tomatoes and carrots
  • compost split tomatoes and withered corn
  • dig a root ball around marigolds to transplant
  • till and even out soil
  • plant spinach seeds in three rows with 9-10 seeds per foot and 1/2″ deep
  • deliver harvest to local school