If I were a farmer I would–October 30, 2013

Today we met inside while outside the air felt wet and the temperature was 49°.

Anna asked everyone to imagine what a farm might look like if they were the farmers. Each child wrote and illustrated the following ideas:

Aine wrote, “I would want to have a fat pig and cows, chickens, watermelons, tomato’s, stevia plant, carrots and everything.”

Eric wrote, ” I would have animals a pig a chicken a cow a bird.”

Dylan wrote, “I would have animals like a pig a cow and that’s it.”

Mya wrote, “I want a cow for milk…I grow carrots..I grow tomato’s…I grow corn…”

Bella wrote, “I like cows to milk. I like carrot…to grow.”

Sierra wrote, “I would plant only fruit and carrots and I would have pigs and horses and chickens and ducks. “I

Paige wrote, “I would grow my cows, goats, and pig live in a 100 acre farm that they would roam free in my property!”

Ella wrote, “I would have animals like 3 dogs, 5 horses, 4 cows, 3 potbelly pigs, 10 chickens. And food like vegetables and fruits and seasonings.”

Will wrote, “I would sell turkeys for Thanksgiving and I would sell wood for fire.”