Chicks and Seed Games–May 2, 2013

We had 3 visiting chicks: a Buff Orpington, named Amelia Earhart, because she likes to fly up to the hand that feeds her; a Plymouth Barred Rock, named Nadia Comaneci, because she likes to practice gymnastics on her roosting pole; and a Silver Laced Wyandotte, named Bobby’s Red Fire Truck, because a grandson likes that name. Chickens are great for gardens because they produce a lot of manure for the soil and they eat a lot of grubs and other insects that might eat plants. Each child could hold out their hand of special chicken food for the birds to peck.

Next Anna and Francie asked the kids to choose a packet of seeds and put them in the Spring, Summer or Fall pile and we found out there needs to be some in-between piles and sometimes certain seeds can be planted at different times of the year.

Next, the kids made rows to plant red lettuce, spinach and radishes. Then they carefully scattered the seeds, covered them lightly with soil and gently watered.