Sick Plants and Seed Leaves–May 30, 2013

First grader, Eric, noted the weather as a hot and sunny 81°. We began by inspecting the plants in the garden and seeing who could identify what was growing in each section (the labels helped a lot!). Anna pointed out that some of the bean plants looked a little sick with spots on their leaves. She explained that the plants needed to be pulled because just like people who have a virus, they had to be separated from the healthy plants. They couldn’t even go in the compost! Paige threw them down the hill. Anna also informed us that corn is actually a type of grass (it looks just like grass in the beginning) that was domesticated thousands of years ago.

Next, Anna showed everyone the seed trays she brought from her greenhouse and pointed out the seed leaves (cotyledons), which come first, and the true leaves. She asked the kids to choose a plant to closely observe and draw and identify each leaf.

Then came a game of tag, planting the sunflower seedlings and watering.