Prepping and Harvesting–April 26, 2012

Today Olivia (kindergarten) and Paige (grade 2) recorded that the air temperature was 52° with clouds and a cold wind. We started Big Max and Sugar Pie Pumpkin, Watermelon and Cherry Tomato seeds in trays and the children labelled them. These will begin their growth in Dave DeWitt’s greenhouse. Francie and Anna showed the kids how to pick the leaves from last year’s spinach and pull the stems to put into the compost. The untasted basket of spinach was brought to the Truro Central School for Friday’s lunch.

Quote of the day: ” I LOVE this stuff!” (spinach)

  • start pumpkin, watermelon and tomato seeds in trays
  • harvest spinach and compost remaining stems
  • prep bed for planting