Spinach and Peas – April 7, 2011

Francie, Dave, Stephanie and Anna brought over about 9 kids from after-school recreation to help plant peas in the garden and harvest spinach from the greenhouse. Stephanie taught the kids about pinching and twisting the spinach stem near the bottom of the plant so that the whole plant wouldn’t come out as the children picked leaves. Dave and Stephanie rolled out green chicken wire for the peas to climb. Francie handed out dried Dwarf Grey Sugar peas and Anna helped the kids make holes to plant the seeds. Francie transplanted some spinach plants and documented the activities with photos. Maggie brought out trowels, a bowl, a camera and water from the library to use.
This garden is a collaboration between Sustainable CAPE – Center for Agricultural Preservation and Education (the Truro Ag Fair crew), the Truro Public Library and Truro Recreation.
• harvest winter crops
• prepare bed for planting pea plants
• plant peas 5″ apart at base of chicken wire

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