Free Staged Reading – Cold War

Cold War Written by Fermin Rojas Augie, a Cuban-American playwright who grew up in the 1960’s, and his husband are about to embark on a summer reunion with their longtime friends in the Catskills to celebrate Augie’s commission… Read More

Free Staged Reading – “4 A.M. Friends” by Charlene Donaghy

Marlene Dietrich is quoted as saying, “It’s the friends you can call at 4 a.m. that matter.” We all have those friends: the ones who understand you when you tell them your heart’s desires, who gently break your… Read More

Free Staged Reading – “Verticals and Horizontals Pt. 2” by Gary Garrison

A follow up from last year. Five ten-minute plays from Garrison’s acclaimed anthology of the same name. Comic, comic-dramas and dramas.  Gary was the Executive Director of the Dramatist Guild of America from 2007-2016. Prior to his work… Read More

Free Staged Reading – “A Cultivated Friendship” by John Dennis Anderson and Co-authored with Karen Vuranch

Both living near Paris in the 1930s, the expatriate American novelists Edith Wharton and Louis Bromfield shared a passion for gardening even more than for writing and travel. Despite being 34 years apart in age and of conflicting… Read More

Free Staged Reading – “The Fade-Away Advantage” by Meryl Cohn

A writer and her life-long best friend meet at a Provincetown Airbnb to discuss an emergency plan they made years ago… but which plan is it? The plan to live together for the rest of their lives? Or… Read More

Free Staged Reading – “White Gays” by Jim Dalglish

Every year Rex throws a party for his closest friends in the South End townhouse he has lived for 40 years. The annual party marks a special anniversary, but this year there is something important he has to… Read More

Free Staged Reading – “Visions of Beatitude” by Joseph M. Paprzycki

VISIONS OF BEATITUDE takes us to the closed-for-the-night Atlantic House in Provincetown, Massachusetts at 4 a.m. as the ghosts of Tennessee Williams and Eugene O’Neill have been summoned by St. Genesius, the patron saint of theatre to meet… Read More

Free Staged Reading — “Isherwood” by John Dennis Anderson

Christopher Isherwood, avowed queer author and devotee of Vedanta, best known for his character Sally Bowles, reflects on his life as an outsider–in his native England, in Berlin between the wars, and in postwar America. About John Dennis… Read More

Free Staged Reading — “Fatty Pastrami” by Julia Salinger

Tells the story of daughter and father and the trials and tribulations of their relationship. You’ll go on adventures from the Bronx botanical garden, through the ins and outs of a pastrami sandwich—winding full circle in the miasma… Read More

FREE STAGE READING: “Beanie’s Last Stand” by Linda Fiorella

A group of queer friends, led by a middle aged DJ, drop their emotional masks while hiding out from a militia in a dune shack on Cape Cod. Linda Fiorella lives in North Truro where she writes plays,… Read More