FREE STAGE READING: “Verticals and Horizontals” by Gary Garrison

Five ten-minute plays — comic, comic-dramas and dramas — from Garrison’s acclaimed anthology of the same name. This is part of our on going playwright series: March 18, 2023 – “Fatty Pastrami” by Julia Salinger April 22, 2023… Read More

FREE STAGE READING: “The Boathouse” by Will Hildreth

The Boathouse is the story of a challenging relationship between two Provincetown families, a long-time Provincetown fishing family (The Atkins – Sally, Miles, and their teenage son Ethan) and the other “wash ashore” gay couple Bob & Steve… Read More

FREE STAGE READING: “Liberty Talks” by Fermin Rojas

Lady Liberty discovers she loves to talk. So, when she accidentally walks into a theater full of people, she decides to take a break from her daily life to spend a moment in time ruminating about her experiences,… Read More

Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of The Speckled Band

The Truro Public Library hosts a fabulous cast of Cape actors, including Michael Rogers as Holmes and Bill Salem as Dr. Watson, who will attempt to solve Holmes’ most insidious, frightening, and perplexing case, “The Adventure of the… Read More

FOTL Presents: A Revolution of Her Own

FOTL PRESENTS A Revolution of Her Own!  A Story of the American Heroine Deborah Sampson at the Truro Community Center Judith Kalaora, professional educator, actress, and living historian, portrays Deborah Sampson, the first woman to enlist in, to fight… Read More

CANCELLED Improvisation: A Special Family Workshop Series

Improvisation: A Special Family Workshop Series Saturday, April 7 and Saturday, April 14, 1:00 p.m.  April 14 session is cancelled. The Truro Public Library presents “Improvisation,” a special family workshop series with John Shuman for children 10 years… Read More

An Evening of Mime for the Whole Family

A unique family event! Abbey Koutnik, a performer and teacher, will give a “talk” about mime, the silent art form. The program will include skits, techniques, and voluntary audience participation. Find out how to do the invisible box… Read More