The Home Organic Orchard with Dave DeWitt

The home orchard can be both rewarding and a test of patience. We will talk about site location, fertility, planting, pruning, pests, and diseases.  We will discuss Integrated Pest Management (IPM) procedures to help achieve a productive harvest.

What to Expect for Our Trees

With Russell Norton of the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension. More coming on this program soon! Join us as we look forward to this year’s planting!

Garden Fertility with Dave DeWitt

Join us for a talk about the importance of soil fertility in the garden.  We will discuss macro and micro nutrients, pH, organic matter, and Cation Exchange Capacity. Learn how water and air relate with the soil.  Soils… Read More

Seed Propagation with Dave DeWitt

Tired of all the same old plant varieties at your local nursery?  Please join us as we discuss starting your own seeds.  When you plant your own seeds, you can find rare and interesting plants that aren’t available… Read More

Garden Planning with Dave DeWitt

Join us for the first in a series of Garden Programs this spring! Local expert Dave DeWitt talks about what can we do now, in the heart of winter, to start a successful garden in the spring. There… Read More