2015-2016 Truro Children’s Community Garden Highlights



When: Wednesdays at 4 p.m. (off season); Thursdays at 3 p.m. July-August
Where: Back deck of the Truro Public Library
Description: Maggie began the children’s garden in 2010 with Executive Director of Sustainable Cape, Francie Randolph. Randolph receives local Cultural Council grants to employ a gardener who works with the Truro Recreational Program teaching K-6 elementary school children during the weekly garden program. Classes begin with a game of Tag Your Fit. Children take home goodie bags to share what they’ve grown with their families. The young gardeners also deliver excess produce to the Truro Central School for their school lunch program.

Every year has a new art-related theme from November-January with a February art opening at the library. Last year’s theme was “Bee Diversity” and the children drew and painted different bee species. Selections from the exhibit travel to the Barnstable County Fair and to the Truro Agricultural Fair. Each year the children’s artwork is seen by an estimated 15,000-20,000 people.

Tag You’re Fit and Paper Pots – May 4, 2011

After a game of Tag You’re Fit, Francie gathered everyone into a circle for a snack and a plan. Stephanie brought Dave’s paper pot maker to teach us how to make recycled pots using newspaper with an oak handle and base. The kids worked on their journals and pulling the rest of the spinach as well as planting and watering more peas. We brought over the compost bin closer to the garden and rinsed the spinach in cold water to bring to the Truro Central School for their school lunch.

  • make paper pots using newspaper
  • draw and write a journal entry
  • harvest winter vegetables
  • plant peas and water
  • rinse vegetables with cold water

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Horseshoe Crabs and Ladybugs – April 27, 2011

We explored the external and internal anatomy of a horseshoe crab using a gigantic model and had a chance to touch and hold a live horseshoe crab with Nina from the Mass Audubon’s Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. Horseshoe crabs were once used as fertilizer by Native Americans and early settlers. We also released 1500 ladybugs donated by the 4-H Cape Cod Cooperative Extension into the garden.

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Spinach and Peas – April 7, 2011

Francie, Dave, Stephanie and Anna brought over about 9 kids from after-school recreation to help plant peas in the garden and harvest spinach from the greenhouse. Stephanie taught the kids about pinching and twisting the spinach stem near the bottom of the plant so that the whole plant wouldn’t come out as the children picked leaves. Dave and Stephanie rolled out green chicken wire for the peas to climb. Francie handed out dried Dwarf Grey Sugar peas and Anna helped the kids make holes to plant the seeds. Francie transplanted some spinach plants and documented the activities with photos. Maggie brought out trowels, a bowl, a camera and water from the library to use.
This garden is a collaboration between Sustainable CAPE – Center for Agricultural Preservation and Education (the Truro Ag Fair crew), the Truro Public Library and Truro Recreation.
• harvest winter crops
• prepare bed for planting pea plants
• plant peas 5″ apart at base of chicken wire

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